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We have made hand-washing a habit!

We have made hand-washing a habit!

Good hand hygiene is an important infection control measure as person-to-person contact via hand is common. At Sasahost, it is our norm to kick-start the day with a hello, which is likely to accompany a handshake. As we anticipate Global Hand-washing Day celebrations, I sought to find out what inspires hand hygiene culture amongst Sasahost employees. Have a look!

“Well, hand-washing with soap is so dear to me,” Priscah opens up with a smile. “My hands are the main carriers of disease-causing germs, hence washing them is the first line of defence against germs. Ultimately, I create a healthier environment for myself and everyone around me,” she explains.

Duncan, a father of two is a hand-washing ninja both at work and at home. He feels responsible for his kids’ hygiene and is obliged to ensure cleanliness by ensuring the hand-washing culture is adopted. “I lead by example,” he says. “I make sure we all hand-wash with antiseptic soap. After all, who doesn’t love the clean fresh smell after a nice hand scrub?”

Developing a hand-washing culture is important for all of us. Don’t be a scrooge, share the spirit of hand-washing as we celebrate Global hand-washing day!

See hand-washing tips from World Health Organization below:


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